CME Requirements and Your Medical License

CME Requirements and Your License to Practice Medicine in Oklahoma

Reminder to M.D. Members: The requirement for continuing medical education to acquire and sustain a medical license in Oklahoma became effective November 1, 2002.


  • Effective November 1, 2002, you must certify that you have completed 60 hours within the preceding three years, which must be Category I as defined by the AMA, OSMA, American Academy of Family Physicians or other certifying organization recognized by the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision.
  • Exceptions:
    1. M.D.’s in residency and fellowship programs.
    2. M.D.’s in a physician emeritus status with the Oklahoma Board.
    3. Possessor of a current AMA Physician Recognition Award or its specialty equivalent or recertification by specialty group whose program for the certification has been found by the Oklahoma Board to be equivalent to the AMA-PRA.
  • Verifications:
    1. The Oklahoma Board will, each year, randomly select applications for verification that all CME requirements have been met.
    2. M.D.’s choosing to use programs other than the AMA-PRA must submit additional documentation, on request, as evidence that the compliance with CME has been met in the required time period.
  • Compliance:
    1. Failure to maintain such records invalidates the presumption that CME requirements have been completed.
    2. Misrepresenting compliance with CME requirements constitutes a fraudulent application.
  • Inquiries: Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure, 1-800-381-4519 or (405) 962-1400

CME Credit Now Available from Home or Office

The Irwin Brown Office of CME at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center now offers physicians the opportunity to receive CME Category 1 credits from their homes or offices. Recently added to this service are the January, February, March, and April issues of THE VECTOR, a pediatrics infectious disease monthly newsletter, and new issues will be added monthly through December 1999. Each issue is worth one CME Category 1 credit. In addition, back issues of THE VECTOR from July through December 1998 are also available. The OUHSC CME home page will also add “Medical Ethics” and other new programs as they too become available.

To access the CME home page, go to and click on “CME”.

The AMA offers online CME courses. Simply go to to their site at

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