Golden Oldies

The Golden Oldies is the organization of Tulsa County Medical Society retired physicians and their spouses. In 1998 Dr. Hall Ketchum & Margaret and Dr. Worth Gross & Charlotte served as The Hosting Committee and initiated two annual events for the group including a summer barbeque and a holiday celebration.

In 2000 Dr. Jerry Gustafson assumed the leadership role for the Golden Oldies and engaged Tulsa County Medical Society staff in providing administrative support for the group. The Golden Oldies continue to meet several times a year to enjoy social activities and hear updates on projects of the Tulsa County Medical Society and the TCMS Foundation.

The Golden Oldies are active volunteers in a variety of organizations in Tulsa. Since 2004 members of the Golden Oldies have transported medication from nursing homes that participate in the Tulsa County Drug Recycling Program to the Tulsa County Pharmacy. For up to date numbers on prescriptions and wholesale value see the 2015 Drug Recycling to present and for cumulative numbers see the 2004 start in November to present on the Drug Recycling – Utilization of Unused Prescription Drugs Act page. For more information about the Tulsa County Drug Recycling Program see the “TCMS History” link on the home page.

To get involved with the Golden Oldies contact TCMS at 918-743-6184 or Dr. Jerry Gustafson at 918-743-6355.

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