Jenny L. Boyer, M.D.
David J. Siegler, M.D.
Michael A. Weisz, M.D.
Scott T. Dull, M.D.
Peter P. Aran, M.D.
Karen P. Gold, M.D.
John E. Hubner, M.D.
Diane M. Heaton, M.D.
Jeremy B. Moad, M.D.
Walter J. Peters, M.D.
Sean L. Smith, M.D.
Lynn A. Wiens, M.D.
James Brigance, M.D.
James Fenska, M.D.
Katrina Lin, D.O.
Moeez Qureshi, MSIV
Tucker Harrison, D.O.
James Herman, M.D.
Robin Dyer, D.O.

TCMS President
Immediate Past President
OU Resident
OU Resident
OU Resident
OSU Student
OSU Resident
Dean OU
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, OSU 




Tulsa County Medical Society Foundation
Committee on Concerns for Our Tulsans
Grievance Committee
Nominating Committee

Lynn E. Frame, M.D., Chair
Gerald E. Gustafson, M.D.
Todd A. Brockman, M.D.
John E. Hubner , M.D.
Peter P. Aran, M.D.



Tulsa County Medical Society Foundation:
The TCMS Foundation was organized as the charitable arm of the medical society in 1987. The TCMS Foundation initiated Project TCMS in 2011 to address what was identified by the Lewin Study as the greatest health need in our community “specialty care for uninsured indigent residents in Tulsa County”. The TCMS Foundation initiated a medical student scholarship program in 1965 and has awarded $1.2M to 1,263 medical students since the inception of the program. Contributions to the TCMS Foundation may be made in the form of direct contributions or from wills or trusts.

Lynn E. Frame, M.D., Chair
Peter P. Aran, M.D.
Jenny Boyer, M.D.
Lynn E. Frame, M.D.
David W. Griffiths, M.D.
Kulsum Siddiqui, TCMS Alliance
John A. Minielly, M.D.
Martina Jelley, M.D.
Michael A. Weisz, M.D.
Lynn A. Wiens, M.D.
Tom Wilkins, Trust Company

The Scholarship Committee of the TCMS Foundation:
Tulsa County Medical Society uses this Committee to promote and foster the study of medicine through a program of scholarship aid to students of medicine who meet Tulsa County residence requirements. Donations to fund scholarships may be made to the TCMS Foundation in the form of direct contributions, from wills or trusts.

Michael A. Weisz, M.D., Chair
Paul A. Bevilacqua, M.D.
Robert W. Block, M.D.
Jenny L. Boyer, M.D.
Lynn A. Wiens, M.D.

Peter P. Aran, M.D.

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